Thank you to our Mayfield community for your support and kindness during this challenging time. 我们将继续更新这一页面的新信息,因为它来了.


我们都要发挥重要作用! In our effort to help maintain the health and safety of the entire school community during the COVID-19 pandemic, 我们必须合作. 我们的协议将随着这些法规和指导方针的变化而变化. 

Here’s a top-level overview of what in-person learning will look like as we head into the 2022-23 school year. Nurse Cathy Cota will continue to provide periodic updates in our weekly newsletter to keep our community informed.


(截至八月. 18, 2022)

升级的面具-我们强烈建议所有学生、教职员工穿 适合和更好的过滤掩模(e.g.、双层口罩、高过滤布口罩、医用口罩)和防护口罩(e.g.n95、kn95、kf94).

隔离-可以结束后 整整五天 症状开始日期(或检测呈阳性)之后 IF 该学生有:
  1. 第5天抗原测试呈阴性
  2. 症状有所改善
  3. 在没有退烧药的情况下已经24小时没有发烧了
Day 0 is the first day of 症状, and Day 1 is the first full day after 症状 started.

The test must be an FDA authorized viral COVID-19 test, over-the-counter (OTC) test is preferred. The student is strongly recommended to wear an upgraded mask (medical grade or N95/KN95) indoors and outdoors except when eating. 

测试—Close contacts are required to test between 3-5 days after their last exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case. The Health Office will provide rapid test kits to any close contacts of any cases on campus. 快速测试由 初级卫生 结果必须记录下来 他们的网站.


  • 接种+增强

  • 呆在家里

  • 症状筛查

  • 口罩

  • 洗手

  • 封面咳嗽 & 打喷嚏

对学生的期望 & 家庭


  • 永远不要带病来学校,即使是轻微的不适
  • 完成一个 每日self-screening 在到达学校之前 
  • 戴上口罩 当室内
  • 洗手或消毒双手 经常  


  • 他们生病了, 即使是轻微的疾病,并打电话给他们的初级保健医生寻求指导
  • 他们有 对任何问题都回答“是” 症状 在每天的家庭筛查中
  • 他们的COVID-19检测呈阳性(隔离 至少5天)  


  • 确保完成女儿的日常检查
  • 确保他们的女儿身体健康 充分参与学校生活的方方面面


  • 通知卫生署 if their daughter or a household member develops any COVID-19 症状 or tests positive for COVID-19
  • 通知考勤办公室 如果他们的女儿不舒服,他们的女儿不在,并包括她的症状
  • 迅速把女儿接回来 如果她在学校生病,(30分钟内)到卫生办公室


高危学生及家庭, 生病或被诊断患有COVID-19的员工将不受歧视地入住, 学生也不会因缺课或旷工而受到处罚. 我们鼓励家庭和学生澳门太阳城的学习专家, 安Bussard,探讨他们的选择.



  • 接种疫苗

    • COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are strongly recommended for all eligible students, employees.

    • 学校护士将保留所有COVID-19疫苗接种卡和疫苗状态的副本.
  • 每日在家筛查

    • 个人如果生病了就不能来学校.
    • Symptom screening worksheet reviewed at home asks if individuals have 症状 of COVID 19: fever or 发冷, 味觉或嗅觉的新丧失, 咳嗽, 头疼, 呼吸急促/呼吸困难, 喉咙痛, 乏力, 恶心想吐, 腹泻或呕吐, 肌肉或身体疼痛, 流鼻涕或鼻塞.
    • 来到校园, students and employees attest 他们有 reviewed the symptom screening worksheet and have no 症状 of illness.
  • 口罩

    • Masks are strongly recommended indoors and should be well-fitting and better filtering masks (e.g.、双层口罩、高过滤布口罩、医用口罩)和防护口罩(e.g.、n95、kn95、kf94).
    • School maintains a supply of masks for those who wish to mask and fail to bring a mask to school.
    • 医务室需要戴口罩. 
  • 物理距离

    • 课程在尽可能大的教室里进行.
    • 弥撒将在体育馆举行.
  • 室内空气流通

    • 只要条件允许,门窗都是开着的.
    • 在个人的头顶上安装风扇.
  • 日常清洁 & 消毒

    • 设备工作人员每天清洁所有区域和经常接触的表面.
    • Facility crew members will clean AND disinfect spaces that have been occupied by a COVID-19 positive individual within the last 24 hours using a disinfectant in the U.S. 美国环境保护局COVID-19 列表.
      • If less than 24 hours have passed since the person who is sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 has been in the space, 清洁和消毒空间.
      • If more than 24 hours have passed since the person who is sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 has been in the space, 清洁就足够了. You may choose to also disinfect depending on certain conditions or everyday practices required by your facility.
      • If more than 3 days have passed since the person who is sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 has been in the space, 不需要额外的清洁(除了常规的清洁操作).
  • 卫生 & 洗手

    • 全天提倡手卫生.
    • 洗手间备有足够的肥皂、纸巾和免触摸垃圾桶.
    • 所有教室都有含有至少60%酒精的洗手液, 办公室和交通繁忙地区.
  • 卫生办公室协议

    • The School Nurse acts as the COVID-19 liaison and reports a cluster of positive cases and performs contact tracing per the local public health department guidelines and per AB 86 (2021) and California Code Title 17, 第2500节.
    • 隔离措施由当地公共卫生部门确定.
    • The School Nurse will consult with and follow the guidance of the Pasadena Public Health Department regarding outbreaks.
    • 被隔离的学生将能够通过Zoom参与课堂.
  • 下降 & 提货程序

    Please pay special attention to the following traffic guidelines as well as those 列表ed under “Vehicles and Parking” in the Parent & 学生手册:
    • 请尽量早到接孩子, and do not arrive too early at pick-up time (no earlier than 5-10 minutes after the end of the school day). Vehicles are not permitted to wait in the middle of Bellefontaine Street with their engines off.
    • If you plan to pick-up your daughter early, please inform the guard that you are here for pick-up. Park along the North Lawn and stay in your car, and your daughter will walk out to your car.
    • 在高峰时段, 澳门太阳城App下载的交通管理员将被安排在车道的岔路口. Wait for directions from the attendant before beginning a left turn or entering the gate on a right turn. (This includes the early morning and late afternoon 体育运动 and Conservatory drop-off and pick-up times.)
    • Dropping off or picking up students on Bellefontaine Street or Grand Avenue is NOT permitted. 所有司机必须进入校园上下车.
    • 所有车辆都要在接送高峰期进入校园 必须从格兰德大道进入,然后右转进入校园. 在接送高峰期,不允许左转进入校园. (This includes the early morning and late afternoon 体育运动 and Conservatory drop-off and pick-up times.)
    • Please do not make a u-turn in the middle of Bellefontaine or at the Grand Avenue intersection or in the street 加入排队队伍.
    • Cars enter the campus via the Bellefontaine Street gate only and exit by the Grand Avenue gate. 所有汽车必须 make a full stop at the gym for pedestrians as well as inside the lower gate on Grand Avenue 然后穿过人行道.
      不得在体育馆前接送学生. 汽车必须驶入老年停车场.
    • Please note that parking on the street in front of the school is restricted when school is in session. The City of Pasadena has placed no parking signs to facilitate the drop off and pick up queue.
    • 请不要阻塞或驶入邻居的车道.  


  • 发烧超过100华氏度
  • 肌肉或身体疼痛
  • 咳嗽
  • 头痛
  • 喉咙痛
  • 味觉或嗅觉的新丧失
  • 呼吸短促或呼吸困难
  • 鼻塞或流鼻涕
  • 发冷
  • 恶心或呕吐
  • 乏力
  • 腹泻


Individuals are considered to have been exposed to a case (close contact) during the infectious period if they shared the same indoor airspace at school with the infected person for 15 minutes or more cumulatively over a 24-hour period. 在较大的室内空气空间中,预先定义的或可识别的群体(如.G队友,俱乐部成员,队列)被认为是暴露(密切接触.)


The health, including the mental health, of our community continues to be our first priority. 由于COVID-19的学校环境,可能需要额外的精神卫生服务. 我们鼓励家庭和学生澳门太阳城的学校辅导员, Erika Mastrobuono,探讨他们的选择. 除了所提供的资源 疾病预防控制中心, Ms. Mastrobuono还建议 www.心理健康.政府.

- Kate Morin,校长

It is times like these that I am particularly grateful to be part of a loving and faith-filled community. I know that you will continue to join me in holding in the Light all those affected by COVID-19.




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    整体教师 & 员工疫苗接种率
    截至9月. 16, 2021
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